The Indiana & Whitewater

Welcome to I & W country. 

     Some probably wonder why I picked such a low trafficked branchline to model. The reasons are simple really. I wanted to scale my modeling efforts down from the fill-every-square-inch-of-the-basement mentality that often characterizes the hobby, and I wanted to focus on a higher quality of modeling overall. A smaller layout in a larger scale lets me accomplish both objectives.



     The trackplan is simple and based on mainly on Valley Junction, Ohio. I included other elements from the line such as the Pole Track from Connersville, along with the mill buildings from Brookville and Cedar Grove. The street and road names are fictitious, as far as I know, but reflect the area modeled. I moved the shingle plant shown on the drawing off the layout. As explained in the book, the space for it was very cramped and it just wasn’t going to look right. It is now represented by the staging cassette and the two tracks on the left end of the plan are the interchange with CSX out of Cincinnati.

     For another look at this line, there is a great article by Keith Corman in the January 1983 issue of  Railroad Model Craftsman. This article was a source of inspiration for modeling the line.

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