Pullman Standard 5344 boxcar - hat channel construction

PS 5344 boxcar hat channel construction and spacing.

     The hat channels or ribs if you will, are made from an 0.010" x 0.188" strip for the flanges with an 1/8" channel centered on top. The cool thing for me in doing it this way is that they are hollow just like the prototype. Here I'm starting to lay them out from the end of the car. The rib on the end only has one flange. The outer edge is even with the end of the side panel. Notice the difference in height between the two. These have a different spacing from the rest in order to support the ladders.

     The brass wire along the bottom represents a welding bead from the prototype. It was clearly seen in the photos and I wanted it on the model. It is sandwiched between two pieces of styrene and stands proud of the car side just a bit. Doing it this way may not give the effect I want. The wire may be too smooth and even, whereas the weld on the prototype was anything but. 

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