Pullman Standard 5344 boxcar - corrugated end

End view of PS 5344 boxcar project

     Modeling these corrugated ends had me stumped for a long time, until I found some triangular shaped styrene strips made by Plastruct. I fiddled around with them and discovered I could fit three together and get the profile I needed.  I'm not certain I have them spaced with 100% accuracy, but it looks good to my eyes. 

     Hopefully you can see the construction methods here. I made a box out of 0.040" styrene to the car's interior dimensions and layered on the various details from there. This solid foundation allows me to use scale thicknesses for parts such as the side panels shown here. The finished side panels on this car are 0.015" thick. You can see another 0.010" layer down at the bottom as per the prototype. Notice also how the I-beam stringers are visible from the end. This is a feature seen on the real cars and I wanted it on the model too.

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Copyright 2012 Michael L. Cougill