New Projects

Pullman Standard 5344 boxcar

Partially completed model of a Pullman Standard 5344 cubic foot boxcar

     I've written about this car in my column extensively, bemoaning the fact that a commercial model in O Scale isn't available. Well, I finally decided to quit complaining and do something positive about the situation. The model above isn't finished of course. I still have to install the brake system and the doors are yet to be done. I need to finish the roof panels after I install some weight on the inside. The next phase will be the cushioned draft gear where hopefully, I can use Protocraft's new Type E couplers. I'll save the ladders, grab irons and other delicate stuff for the end of the project.

     I'm pleased with how the car is coming along. I tend to model in spurts as the mood strikes, and haven't worked on it for some time now. The photos on the following pages show highlights of the car's construction in greater detail.


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