Welcome to Cougill Studios

    My goal with this site is to take away the mystery of 

 P48 modeling and to show what O Scale has to offer in

 the 21st Century. 


    Mike Cougill

My approach to modeling 

I enjoy a small layout much more than a large one.  

Smaller layouts simply suit my temperament and attention span. I’ve found a smaller project holds my interest better.

I enjoy detail. 

My experience as a fine arts painter helped me focus on all the details of a subject, sometimes to exclusion of the big picture. Working in quarter-inch scale is a joy from this perspective.

I enjoy representing things accurately. 

I worked in P87 because it was more accurate, letting me detail the track with scale flangeways and switchpoint spacing. In P48 the level of such detail is on steroids and I love it.

I’m a philosopher. 

This should be obvious to anyone who has read my writing for any length of time. I think about this hobby and approach it  in ways a lot of folks have never even considered. 

I bring my artist’s eye and temperament to bear on my modeling, by thinking of the pieces of a layout as parts of the whole, rather than individual parts. 

To me a layout can become a three-dimensional sculpture capable of expressing the intangible. I also use the hobby as a practice for self-improvement. I see it as a journey of discovery, a way to learn what you’re actually capable of doing.

I’m also a klutz. 

All my emphasis on craftsmanship is a declaration of war against my own doofus skill levels. I can do good work, but I really have to focus hard to get there. 

I’m always getting in a rush and tend to settle too easily for mediocre results. I’m trying to slow down and focus. Like many modelers, I’m my own harshest critic.

Copyright 2012 Michael L. Cougill